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Valuation of equipment


A company requires machinery and equipment valuation to sell, prepare to sell, purchase or confirm the insurance of machinery.

KF Finance, together with our partners, offers experience and reliability in the valuation of machinery and equipment for virtually every industry. Our professionals estimate depreciation from physical, technological, functional and economic factors, while employing unique computer skills to analyse a companys fixed asset records. We also perform onsite physical inspections.

We provide valuation services to assist in the following areas:

  • impairment of Assets,
  • other Financial Reporting Valuation,
  • purchase Price Allocations,
  • tax Purposes,
  • transaction Support,
  • financing appraisals,
  • insolvency proceedings.
Definition of the key data

Definition of the key data

  • Identification of the property and the property right
  • Purpose of the valuation
  • Value base
  • Value date


Equipment and market analysis

Equipment and market analysis

  • Equipment inspections and analyses
  • Determining the substitute values/reproduction costs, acquiring data on comparable property
  • Second market data


Equipment value appraisal

Equipment value appraisal

  • Selecting the most appropriate valuation method
  • Consideration of the facts based on the valuation principles
  • Preparing the draft of the valuation report
  • Presenting the final conclusions to the customer
  • Preparation of the final report
Machines and equipment value report

Machines and equipment value report


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