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Searching for the investors

Mergers and aquisitions (M&A)

When searching for a potential investor, we focus on the following areas:

  • understanding the goals of the transaction,
  • preparing a plan to execute the transaction that will best fit the goals,
  • identifying investors who fit the criteria that will help us reach the goals of the transaction,
  • valuation and determining the scope for negotiations,
  • identifying potential deal-breakers and deal-makers,
  • preparing the most efficient transactions structure for buyers and sellers.


  • Defining the business strategy and acquisition criteria
  • Identifying potential target companies and selecting the priority target companies


Active search

Active search

  • Contacting the target companies with the aim to assess the interest
  • Introductory meeting of the adviser and the target company
  • Preliminary due diligence review and determining the value interval
  • Signing a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)


Defining the transaction

Defining the transaction

  • Further talks with the target owners
  • Defining the transaction structure
  • Unbinding offer and a letter of intent (LOI)
  • Signing the letter of intent


Negotiations and conclusion

Negotiations and conclusion

  • Detailed due diligence review
  • Final negotiations on the transaction terms and conditions
  • Signing the final agreement
The transaction conclusion, follow-up integration

The transaction conclusion, follow-up integration


Send us your request or contact one of our advisers directly. Together, we will study the possibility of cooperation.